Real time financing and investment platform.

What is Sundial?

Sundial combines streaming money with DAICO, and introduces Decentralized Arbitration to supervise the project. It can effectively solve the difficulty of financing and reduce the investment risk.

What can Sundial do?

    For Projects
      Helping projects solve the difficulty of financing.
      Increase users' engagement.
      Provide a stable financing environment for the development of the projects.
      Token linear unlock to prevent dumping.
    For Investors
      Helping investors reduce the investment risk.
      Participate in primary market financing and token presales.
      Decentralized Arbitration supervises the project commitment.

Contract Address

Mainnet: 0x4746a9482C79B497d483b99F6A5f74b1777758aa
Kovan: 0xA3887455261666eCd8f718244c9275fE7716526C



If you need any help or have any questions, please join our Discord, follw our Twiter or reach out to our team at [email protected]
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