The investors could invest when the project created. Since the price will not change after the initial setting, there will be no robots in most cases. In the same amount of investment, the stream rate of invest later will bigger than the stream rate of invest sooner.
    projectId: The id of the project stream for investors create.
    investSellDeposit: The amount of money to be invested
function createStream(uint256 projectId, uint256 investSellDeposit) external returns (uint256)


The investors could withdraw stream balance into the wallet. Withdrawal amount needs not exceed the stream balance at that time.
    streamId: The id of the stream to withdraw tokens from.
    amount: The amount of tokens to withdraw.
function withdrawFromInvest(uint256 streamId, uint256 amount) external returns (bool)


The investors can exit from the financing project at any time, and will get the XYZ Stream Balance and DAI Stream Balance at exit time.
If the project loss the arbitration, in addition, the DAI balance of the project will also be returned to the investor on a pro rata.
    streamId: The id of the stream to exit.
function cancelInvest(uint256 streamId) external returns (bool)

Create Arbitration

When the projects conduct and promise are inconsistent with the fundraising application, the investors could create the arbitration by paying the arbitration fee. And the investors should upload the files which will be submited to the decentralized court as Evidence.
    projectId: The id of the project stream for arbitration.
    _metaEvidence: The hash of the Evidence in ipfs.
function createArbitrationForInvestor(uint256 projectId, string memory _metaEvidence) public payable
Anyone can create arbitration against project.

Reclaim Fund

When the projects not pay the arbitration fee with 24 hours after the arbitration is created, the investors can reclaim the arbitration fee and judgement project loss.
    projectId: The id of the project to create dispute.
function reclaimFunds(uint256 projectId) external returns(bool result)
To prevent collusion, anyone can execute this function.

Submit Evidence

When the arbitration is submitted to a decentralized court, the investors could submit the evidence in your own defence.
    projectId: The id of the project to create dispute.
    _evidence: The hash of evidence in ipfs.
function submitEvidence(uint256 projectId, string calldata _evidence) external
Anyone can submit evidence.
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