Create Project

The projects should set the following information when creating the project (XYZ: project sell token, DAI: project fund token).
    Sell amount of XYZ token and fund amount of DAI token.
    XYZ sell price = DAI token amount / XYZ token amount.
    Start time and stop time of financing.
    XYZ token and DAI token will start stream after the start time, the stream wiill stop when the stop time is reached.
    Fundraising application.
    The application shall state the purpose of the fund and the project commitment. When arbitration occurs, the fundraising application will be submitted as Meta-Evidence to the Decentralized Court for judgment.
The price will not change after the project created. In the same amount of investment, investment sooner or later will only affect the stream rate.


Investors will not be able to invest in two cases. In addition, investors will be able to invest.
    The actual fund amount exceeds the target fund amount after investors investment .
    Investing after the stop time of financing.

Stream Balance

Both the projects and the investors will have two Stream Balance, one is the XYZ Stream Balance and the other is the DAI Stream Balance.

For Investors

RatePerSecond=TokenAmount/(StopTimeStartTime)RatePerSecond = Token Amount / (StopTime - StartTime)
XYZStreamBalance=(NowStartTime)RatePerSecondXYZ Stream Balance = (Now - StartTime) * RatePerSecond
DAIStreamBalance=InvestAmount(NowStartTime)RatePerSecondDAI Stream Balance = InvestAmount - (Now - StartTime) * RatePerSecond

For Projects

XYZStreamBalance=ActualSellAmountXYZStreamBalance(AllInvestors)XYZ Stream Balance = ActualSellAmount - XYZ Stream Balance(All Investors)
DAIStreamBalance=ActualFundAmount(XYZStreamBalanceSellPrice)DAI Stream Balance = ActualFundAmount - (XYZ Stream Balance * Sell Price)

After the start time and before the stop time of financing:

    XYZ Stream Balance of projects will decrease linearly over time, and DAI Stream Balance of projects will increase linearly over time.
    XYZ Stream Balance of investors will increase linearly over time, and DAI Stream Balance of investors will decrease linearly over time.
The actual transfer is the balance in the stream, not the token. Balance can be withdraw into the wallet.


The projects and the investors could withdraw stream balance into the wallet. Withdrawal amount needs not exceed the stream balance at that time.
When the projects has arbitration, the project will not be able to withdraw.


The investors can exit from the financing project at any time, and will get the XYZ Stream Balance and DAI Stream Balance at exit time.


When the projects conduct and commitment are inconsistent, the investors could create the arbitration by paying the arbitration fee. The projects should pay the arbitration fee within 24 hours after the arbitration is created. The arbitration will be submitted to the Decentralized Court after the project pay.
Projects fails to pay within 24 hours will be automatically loss!
The arbitration fee will be returned to the winner after the arbitration.
There are three results of the final judgment:
    The project win, nothing will be change.
    The investor win, the stop time of the financing will change to the time of execution judgment, and the stream will stop.The investors could get the XYZ Stream Balance and the DAI Stream Balance at that time. In addition, the DAI balance of the project will also be returned to the investor on a pro rata.
    No judgement, nothing will be change.

Design Scheme

Sundial Design Scheme
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